Formed in the mid-90’s by small town childhood friends Figurines were already touring Northern Europe and Scandinavia extensively by the age of 20. On their second album Skeleton (2006), Figurines received massive international attention and they were sent out into the world on tours with Tapes’ n Tapes, Cold War Kids and Kaiser Chiefs, touring North America three times.

2007 saw the international release of their third album, When The Deer Wore Blue, produced in cooperation with Chicago based Jeremy Lemos (Jim O’Rourke, Smog, Stereolab, and others).

On a personal level Figurines’ fourth album is a triumph. Musically the album reaches back to the power of Skeleton while remaining close to the more complex When The Deer Wore Blue. Figurines have managed to return to a point where the songs’ structures, immediacy and extroversion are the focus.

The album already has a special place in the band’s heart. Never before have they worked so closely together throughout the process and controlling everything from the first mood of the recording to the finished master. Figurines is an important album for them. They’ve pulled eleven beads up on a string and hope that new and old fans will enjoy them.


Figurines – Hanging From Above

Figurines – The Air We Breathe

Figurines – The Wonder