The Control Group has proudly reissued the first 3 Grandaddy albums on vinyl.

Under The Western Freeway – Grandaddy’s 1997 debut which has never been released on vinyl in America. “a stream of understated pop gems” – The Independent

The Sophtware Slump – Grandaddy’s 2000 album, remastered at Sterling Sound. “This is quite possibly the last great entry in the atmospheric pop canon” – Pitchfork

Sumday – Grandaddy’s 2003 double-LP, also remastered at Sterling Sound.
“Heartbreakingly beautiful” – Blender

Under The Western Freeway was originally released on the Will Records label and has never been released on vinyl in America. The Sophtware Slump and Sumday were both released by V2 Records and are both long-out-of-print vinyl collector’s items. The Control Group has worked with the band to remaster and re-release the albums.

“I’m pleased to acknowledge the vinyl reissue of The Sophtware Slump, Sumday, and Under the Western freeway. They’ve been out of print, and we’re happy to have them back. All of this is occurring in honor of the approximate 11 year anniversary of The Sophtware Slump.
Yes…..11 years.
Much better than 10.”
– Jason Lytle