New El Perro Del Mar video – “Walk On By”

El Perro Del Mar’s new video for “Walk On By” from the album Pale Fire out November 13. Pre-order the album now on iTunes

Cate Le Bon “Fold The Cloth” live

Cate Le Bon and band performing “Fold The Cloth” in Montreal.

El Perro Del Mar – new album “Pale Fire” out November 13

“Walk On By” is the first single from “Pale Fire”

‘In this world, you think you have no reason to believe in love or in anything much. Then one day, when you least expect it, a light appears on the far horizon. It’s a flickering light, begging you to come, telling you to stay away. It’s the pale fire. The promise of love and hope – all consuming and elusive. Yet for a moment, it brings clarity in the darkness, future to the ruins and power to the fight.’ – El Perro Del Mar

Cate Le Bon – new single “What Is Worse”

Cate Le Bon premiered her new single “What Is Worse” on NPR’s All Songs Considered today. The song appears on “Cyrk II” which is out Aug. 21 on LP + digital.

Cate Le Bon announces September tour + new EP

During the CYRK sessions, back at the dawn of 2011, a grand total of 15 songs were recorded. As they began to form as finished articles they naturally pooled into two camps. Whilst CYRK bounds around erratically and unknowingly like a younger sibling, CYRK II is its older sister, bearing songs of a more starkly confessional nature. Although there is a longing and sadness that litters CYRK II, it never truly realizes itself, often hiding in the forest of lyrics and interrupting instrumentation when on the cusp of revealing too much.

CYRK II will be released on August 21 (hand-numbered white vinyl + digital).

Cate Le Bon will be back for a North American headline tour beginning on September 18 in Toronto.

New El Perro Del Mar song

El Perro Del Mar has posted a new song “Innocence Is Sense”. We will have more news soon about El Perro Del Mar’s new album “Pale Fire”.

Nouela debuts video for “Fight”

Nouela has debuted the first video “Fight” from her album “Chants”

The Deer Tracks debut video for “Meant To Be”

The Deer Tracks have posted the video for the album opening track “Meant To Be”.

First 3 Grandaddy albums reissued on vinyl

The Control Group has reissued the first 3 Grandaddy albums on vinyl. “Under The Western Freeway”, “The Sophtware Slump” + “Sumday” are now available.